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I don't believe in working hard, when working the easy way is more fun. Simply, since the age of 12 I've set out to be good at life. By that age I was already tired of living like the subpar version of me. 

Since then, I've discovered that a life without problems isn't real for anyone. And Everyone will live a worthy struggle. But they can chose what struggle to have. The bigger the struggle, the bigger the reward.

The skill that has taken me the furthest is the ability to understand the nuances of body language, voice tone, vocabulary usage, reactioins, clothing, face gestures- in regards to the way a person see the world. This is known as 'Communication.' 

To create the world you want, you will need people. People have the money, love, sex, wisdom, wholeness, that we want. So the way you interact with the world will determine your result.


Hi. My name is 

Ivan Alejandro Acosta

and I want to help you change your world.

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