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Download the map of Consciusness. This is a multi diagram that includes The Levels of Creation, The Cycle of Reality Creation, and three other maps that don't have a name, nonetheless, still very important maps of consciouness.

Consciousness Map

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Every Sunday genius minds gather and discus consciousness raising ideas, theories, tools, and reflections.

Genius Days

Helping men step into the Divine Masculine over at The Better Man Podcast with Ivan and Sumedh.


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Download the Blueprint to Rewire Your Brian. Learn about the neuro science around thought formation. This blueprint also includes and instructional guide to insert powerful thoughts about yourself into your subconscious and conscious mind.

Re-Write Your Brain

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Get upclose in the Life Masters telegram group, when I share my deepest insights at a personal level. Its the place I share the things that are too advanced for Instagram and Facebook


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